Govern Server

How to query data

Govern Server is exposing a GraphQL API that lets you fetch data related to your Govern DAOs. Have a look at the Govern Server API documentation for the list of types and queries you can use.

Directory structure

# The core server library, which will be in a separate package later.
# We should keep in mind that this part will eventually run in the
# browser, enabling the fully decentralized mode of Aragon Govern.
# API endpoints are prefixed by “api-”. We’ll only have a GraphQL API at first,
# and a REST API will be added later. Each API server exposes a single start()
# function with its configuration as a parameter.

Docker container

Build a docker container and expose server on http://localhost:3000:
docker build . -t govern-server
docker run -it --rm -d -p 3000:3000 --name govern-server govern-server
Remove the container:
docker stop govern-server


Github Actions workflow server-ci-cd.yml builds and deploys a server container when creating v* tags in the master branch.
Deployments can be triggered using lerna:
yarn lerna version [ major | minor | patch ]