Aragon Govern
Aragon Govern is beta software. We try our best to keep everything pristine, but there might be still some dragons laying around 🐲. Help us shape the first official release by joining our Discord community!
Welcome to Aragon Govern's documentation.
Aragon Govern is software for creating and governing organizations such as DeFi projects, open source projects, gaming guilds, cooperatives, nonprofits, clubs, companies, and any other type of organization you can imagine. It's Aragon's implementation of ERC-3000, the standard for binding off-chain voting.
Along with off-chain voting solutions like Snapshot it allows you to govern all parts of your project, even if not completely decentralized, in an easy manner. also allowing for flexibility and extensions when needed.
  • The Overview section provides more insight over Govern and all of its tooling.
  • The Developers section gives an overview of all the individual pieces of Govern.
If you have any questions or you'd like to say hi, come join the community at Discord!
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