Historical token sale information
ANT was initially created and distributed as a result of a public token sale that took place on May 17, 2017 - starting at Ethereum block 3,723,000 to be exact. Less than 100 blocks later, 275,000 ETH worth of ANT were sold. Added together with ANT sold in the pre-sale, ANT granted to the Aragon Institution (now the Aragon Association), and ANT granted to founders and early contributors, the total initial supply of ANT after the token sale is 39,609,523.80952380954 ANT.
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Initial supply breakdown

Amount (ANT)
% of initial supply
Public sale + Pre-sale grant
27,726,666.66666666668 ANT
Aragon Foundation grant
5,941,428.571428571431 ANT
Early contributors and founders grant
5,941,428.571428571431 ANT
Total supply: 39,609,523.80952380954 ANT
Total supply will be constant only until the Aragon Network is deployed. From then on, ANT holders will participate in Aragon Network governance to decide ANT's issuance policy and inflation rate going forward.

Historical contracts

The public token sale was conducted through a single AragonTokenSale contract and supported by two multisigs:
For a comprehensive list of Ethereum smart contracts supporting the original token sale, please see Developers - Historical deployments.